3one4 Capital funds ranked among India’s top performing VC funds

3one4’s Rising I & Fund II funds are ranked #1 and #2 respectively by Preqin With Net IRR of 37% and…

  • 3one4’s Rising I & Fund II funds are ranked #1 and #2 respectively by Preqin
  • With Net IRR of 37% and 35% respectively, Rising I & Fund II funds are the top two amongst the best performing India-focused VC funds between the vintage years 2010- 2018 as per Preqin

BENGALURU, India, Aug. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — 3one4 Capital, an early-stage Bangalore based venture capital firm, has been ranked by Preqin as India’s top performer for two of its funds, in the recent Alternative Assets report. The seed and early stage funds have been recognized for their performance amongst the India-focused venture capital funds in this Asia Pacific-focused report. With Net IRR of 37% and 35% respectively, 3one4 Capital’s Rising I & Fund II (Scheme II) are the top two amongst the best performing India-focused VC funds between the vintage years, 2010- 2018.

The Preqin Alternative Assets report provides insights into the deals made by private capital fund managers and/or institutional investors, performance of alternative asset funds, capital flows, with a focus on the Asia Pacific’s rapidly expanding alternative investment market. Preqin now monitors more than 20k investor profiles, 120k funds, and 44k GPs globally and presents the most comprehensive review of the industry. The ranking, performed by the leading research firm Preqin, is their first research report focused on the Asia Pacific region and describes the nuances of the region’s alternative investment market.

On the milestone, Pranav Pai, Managing Partner, 3one4 Capital, said, «India’s startup ecosystem is now firmly established amongst the top three globally. Alongside these tailwinds, 3one4’s exponential growth has been driven by partnering with generational companies to transform market segments across the country. Our bottom-up thesis-driven selection routines have resulted in consistent top decile performance. Being recognized by a global capital markets report is a testimony to our deep-involvement model that serves as a force-multiplier to India’s extraordinary entrepreneurs. We are grateful for the long-term relationships with our investors that continue to propel our growth forward.»

Siddarth Pai, Managing Partner, 3one4 Capital, had this to say: «Through 2020, India’s startups have established their resilience and value creation potential to the best investors globally. This paradigm shift has demanded the acceleration of disruptive business models and a rebalancing of the early-stage investment lens in India. 3one4 Capital is purpose-built to be deeply involved across the lifecycle of the next innovation engines from India. Our post-investment engagements are designed to help founders optimize for sustainable growth on the path towards defensible long-term value creation. We look forward to scaling up our intentional early-stage work with the close of Fund III in 2021.»

«The last two years have seen a tremendous shift in the dynamics of the startup ecosystem in the Asia-Pacific region with the Indian ecosystem leading the way. While this has supported our accelerated growth, we are also incredibly grateful to the founders in the ecosystem who have placed their trust in us and allowed us the privilege to be part of their journey. It is a momentous event to be recognised by a global leader like Preqin as we continue to support founding teams that partner with us and double down on furthering the growth of the Indian ecosystem,» added Anurag Ramdasan, Principal, 3one4 Capital.

3one4 Capital, currently oversees a corpus of INR 1800 Cr (+USD 240 Mn) and a portfolio of over 70 investments across the early stage. Its portfolio companies include Licious, Open, DarwinBox, Jupiter, Betterplace, Koo, Dozee, Breathe Well-Being, among others. The latest fund is focused on ticket sizes in the range of USD 500K to USD 4 million for entries, with a strong preference to be the first institutional check to partner with founders. The firm, founded by Pranav Pai & Siddarth Pai, has continuously attracted top-tier global and Indian investors as Limited Partners (LPs). These investors include university endowments, foundations, sovereign DFIs, family offices, funds-of funds, as well as corporate and financial institutional investors such as banks and industrial conglomerates. 3one4 has launched five funds over half a decade and is amongst the fastest-growing VC firms in India. These consecutive fund closures are a testimony to the team’s consistent track record and performance in the Indian early-stage ecosystem.

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About 3one4 Capital

3one4 Capital

Transformative Capital to #RaiseTheBar

3one4 Capital is an early-stage venture capital fund based in Bangalore, India. The firm works in select market categories and in the intersection of adjacencies that are large, growing, and ready for unique products and services. The themes pursued are SaaS and Enterprise Automation, Direct-to-Consumer products and services, Digital Media, FinTech, and Deep Technology, with a focus on areas such as machine-driven actionable intelligence services for the enterprise, ambient intelligence technologies, edtech, logistics and distribution, consumer products and services, and health.

3one4’s investments are biased towards companies exploiting technology to create, grow, or dominate large markets in India. The fund also invests a portion of its capital in US-focused companies that have feedforward effects into the themes being pursued in India.

Through a deep involvement strategy, the fund works with founding teams and subject-matter experts to prioritize and strategize for product-market fit, and then optimize for defensibility and growth in revenue and impact. With a focus on margins and on delivering uncompromised end-user experiences, the fund aims to reduce risk, detect new growth opportunities, and return rewarding outcomes to all the stakeholders involved.

With the close of its third early-stage fund and its fifth fund overall, the firm now manages a combined corpus of INR 1800 Cr (+USD 240 Mn) and a portfolio of over 70 investments across the early stage.

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