4th Trimester Fitness® Method Supports Expecting Moms With Launch of Virtual 30-Minute Class: Birth Ball 30™

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Aug. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — 4th Trimester Fitness® Method (4TFM) has made available on demand the only prenatal exercise…

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Aug. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — 4th Trimester Fitness® Method (4TFM) has made available on demand the only prenatal exercise program that employs the use of a birth ball, Birth Ball 30™, which helps women to be more upright and mobile during labor, leading to lower rates of C-section, instrument intervention, and epidural1

4th Trimester Fitness® Method is the official creator of the evidence-based program that has helped thousands of pregnant and postpartum women prepare for, strengthen, and properly recover after childbirth. Having coined the phrase decades ago, 4TFM is the only company that can truly call itself 4th Trimester Fitness. Founder Emily Wannenburg is dedicated to building «Cores & Communities» by advocating for each mother and empowering them to be their best selves with the support of fellow moms.

Wannenburg developed Birth Ball 30™ in addition to the other evidence-based prenatal and postpartum recovery classes. She continues to be regarded as a top expert in her field and fundamentally understands the needs of both pregnant and postpartum women because of her experience as a nurse midwife, birth doula, and pregnancy/postpartum personal trainer. Her passion is empowering all women, from all backgrounds, with impactful knowledge during and after pregnancy. 

Evidence shows that the regular use of a fitness program, like the Birth Ball 30™ class, increases a woman’s ability to self-advocate during her labor and improves the overall birthing experience. The BB30 class utilizes rocking moments which strengthen pelvic floor muscles2, significantly lower pain scores during labor3, and can ultimately shorten the duration of labor stages4.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, pregnant moms can virtually access the class for six-months, or two trimesters, for $19.99

In addition to the new, always-on virtual offering, a live Birth Ball Basics™ Online Clinic is also available via the 4th Trimester Fitness® Method website. The three-hour clinic covers effective laboring techniques, stretching and positioning, strengthening methods for both the core and pelvic floor, and newborn comforting measures. 

While pain relief, exercise and education are all tremendous benefits to the programs, members also gain a tight community of support. 4th Trimester Fitness Method proudly boasts community as one of this woman-owned company’s key principles.

For more information on the newest class offering, visit 4tfit.com/all-classes

The 4th Trimester Fitness® Method classes provide a solid, evidence-based framework for healthy physical and emotional support to empower pregnant and postpartum women.

4th Trimester Fitness® has served women in wellness, fitness and health for nearly three decades. For more information, contact Emily at emily@4tfit.com.

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Birth Ball 30™ by 4th Trimester Fitness® Method

On-demand, virtual 30-minute Birth Ball class for expecting mothers to strengthen key muscles and prepare for birth.

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