Biden Follows Trump’s Maximum Pressure Policy on Cuba -FM

Biden Follows Trump’s Maximum Pressure Policy on Cuba -FM

The foreign minister said via Twitter that Biden follows the maximum pressure policy of Donald Trump’s administration (2017-2021). 

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The Cuban diplomat said that the U.S. president’s actions regarding Cuba are in breach of the promises he made during his run for the presidency to U.S. citizens and Cubans living in Florida. Rodriguez added that Biden’s policy is not consistent with the Democratic platform.

Biden «applies Trump’s policy of maximum pressure, which not only causes harm and suffering to the Cuban people, impedes the development of our economy and encourages irregular migration to the U.S., but also harms the U.S. national interest,» the Cuban foreign minister said on his official Twitter account.   

During the Trump administration, more than 240 measures were applied to tighten the blockade with the aim of economically suffocating Cuba, subvert the internal order, create a situation of ungovernability and overthrow the Cuban Revolution. 

Bruno Rodríguez, Canciller cubano explicó en su cuenta en Twitter que que el mandatario estadounidense Joe Biden aplica la política de máxima presión del anterior gobernante, Donald Trump, contra Cuba. #DondeSiempreSeAprende #CubaEsJusta #EliminaElBloqueo

— Canal Educativo Cuba (@EducativoCuba)
June 20, 2022

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez explained on his Twitter account that U.S. President Joe Biden is applying the maximum pressure policy of the previous president, Donald Trump, against Cuba.    

Biden upheld such measures from the time he took office in January 2021 until May of this year, when the U.S. announced a set of easing steps towards Cuba that lifted some of those measures in a rather limited way.

Reauthorization of people-to-people traveling, expansion of consular services, elimination of limits on remittances, and the family reunification program are among the White House’s easing measures. 

Recognizing that such measures are a first step on the right track, the Cuban government has denounced their insufficiency since Cuba’s major economic hindrance is the U.S. economic, commercial and financial blockade, in force since 1962. 

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