BioAssured and Clean Tec Services Partner To Support Florida Hotels with Rebuilding Corporate Convention Activity to Pre-Pandemic Levels

ORLANDO, Fla., April 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —
Clean Tec Services, the central Florida-based commercial…

ORLANDO, Fla., April 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —

Clean Tec Services, the central Florida-based commercial and hospitality maintenance management and cleaning specialist, has partnered with BioAssured to bring the BioAssured Certification to their extensive hotel client base. As a service provider to brands like the Sheraton, Marriott, Hilton, and Wyndham resorts, Clean Tec expects the partnership with BioAssured will help their clients rebuild their tourist and corporate convention activities to pre-pandemic levels quickly, instilling confidence amongst employees and guests in the safety of their facilities.

BioAssured uses a systemic approach to contamination management, offering multi-faceted, proven solutions for pathogen reduction in all spaces and environments. At the core of their protocols is a EPA- registered two step disinfecting process that includes a list N cleaning agent and a long-lasting biostatic that has demonstrated effectiveness at inactivating harmful pathogens and remains bonded to surfaces, actively protecting for a minimum of up to 30 days. In combination with emerging, safe technologies like far-UVC 222nm devices for air and additional surface sanitation, Clean Tec is excited to bring these continuous protection solutions to their client base with BioAssured Certified Spaces.

«Recontamination between cleanings is a real problem that was highlighted by the pandemic. We want our clients to feel their spaces are clean — and remain clean — after we complete our services without having to disrupt their usual business operations. Regular disinfectants are only effective for a short time and do nothing to protect against recontamination. The BioAssured process is exactly what we need, and with additional regulatory assurance verification between treatments, were able to confirm that spaces not only look clean but are continuously protected from recontamination from invisible threats.» Beatriz Dominguez, Managing Partner, Clean Tec Services.

Regulatory assurance testing is the cornerstone of BioAssured Certified Spaces, verifying their continuous protection claims with hard data. The testing measures bio burden on surfaces and ensures protecting solutions are actively working. It also provides useful data that may inform if any adjustments need to be made, or how new technologies acquired by the company could be offered through Clean Tec to provide additional protection for their clients in the future.

«With their impressive client base, Clean Tec is a natural partner to BioAssured. BioAssured Certified Spaces provide more than continuous protection against harmful pathogens, but also peace of mind to their clients, and in turn their employees and guests. We align on our ideals of excellence and providing an unparalleled customer experience, with solutions that actively protect people without harming them, or the environment.» Angela Robbins, CEO, BioAssured.

Clean Tecs first BioAssured Certified Space is a Sheraton property in Central Florida.

About BioAssured

Experts in emerging bioscience technologies, BioAssured consults with businesses to assess their safety protocols and offers bespoke solutions that are effective, sustainable, and adaptable to changing circumstances. BioAssureds mission is to make the spaces we live in as safe as possible with proactive protection measures, providing peace of mind and personal security from rising biosecurity risks.

About Clean Tec Services

Clean Tec Services has been providing Central Florida’s most high-profile tourist and event destinations with reliable, quality maintenance and cleaning services for over 22 years. Experts in the hospitality and commercial industry, Clean Tec is committed to efficiency and excellence with continuing investment in skilled personnel, equipment, and new technologies. Clean Tec is proud to be nationally certified as an MBE, and certified M/WBE in Orange County.


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