Comvita Launches Its First MGO Multifloral Manuka Honey, Expanding Category Leadership Beyond Its Core UMF™ Manuka Line

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., Sept. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Comvita, the pioneer and trusted global leader in Manuka Honey, revealed today…

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., Sept. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Comvita, the pioneer and trusted global leader in Manuka Honey, revealed today the brand’s first MGO-verified Multifloral Manuka Honey (MGO 50+). Known for its certified UMF™ monofloral Manuka Honey, Comvita’s new Multifloral Manuka aims to attract more consumers seeking the unique benefits and flavor to the trending category at an affordable price point.

All Comvita Manuka Honeys offer the highest standards of quality and scientific verification, and Multifloral is no exception. Comvita’s Multifloral Manuka Honey is guaranteed to contain a minimum of 50 mg/kg of MGO (or Methylglyoxal), the key natural compound derived from the Manuka flower known for its antibacterial activity. It is crafted with a blend of Manuka and other native New Zealand wildflowers, giving it a rich, exotic flavor profile unlike any other floral honey while also working to help support natural immunity, gut health and everyday wellness.

«With the demand for Manuka Honey growing in the U.S., it is so important for consumers to know what they are purchasing – no matter their use or budget,» said Corey Blick, SVP of Comvita North America. «For 46 years Comvita has provided the most authentic, verified Manuka Honey in the world. We wanted to expand our product family to include a Multifloral Manuka that serves as a functional, accessible upgrade to table honey whether added to your favorite smoothie, used to sweeten a drink or to bring more flavor to a recipe.»

Comvita’s new Multifloral Manuka Honey comes from the remote forests of New Zealand, home of the native Manuka flower and Comvita’s respected beekeepers. As the Manuka flower only blooms 2-6 weeks in the entire year, bees spend the weeks before and after the peak blooming period collecting nectar from multiple floral sources such as Rewarewa, Rata, Kamahi and Tawari – all flowers native to the remote New Zealand Highlands and revered by Maori culture for their functional uses. Comvita Multifloral Manuka Honey has a smooth, creamed texture and compared to Comvita UMF™ Manuka Honeys, it is a lighter color and more exotic flavor.

Comvita Multifloral Manuka Honey is Non-GMO Project Verified, Certified Gluten Free, raw, wild and unpasteurized, and is available in two sizes, 8.8 oz (SRP of $15.99$17.99), and a 17.6 oz (SRP $25.99$29.99), on Amazon,, and other fine retailers.

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About Comvita:

Comvita is the global leader in Manuka Honey and a pioneer in natural health & wellness dating back to 1974. Comvita provides health-conscious consumers and the medical skincare market with one of nature’s most versatile and scarce natural resources: sustainably sourced, fully traceable Certified UMF™ Manuka Honey.

Comvita offers premium, Certified UMF™ Monofloral Manuka Honey, as well as a new gourmet, everyday wellness Multifloral Manuka. Comvita is also a leader in Bee Propolis for immune health, and Olive Leaf Extract, fresh-picked from Comvita’s farm in Queensland, Australia, among other single ingredient solutions from the world’s purest sources. Comvita is publicly traded on the New Zealand Stock Exchange (CVT), and its North American headquarters are in Santa Barbara, CA. To learn more about Comvita or sustainable beekeeping, please visit

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