«Pura Vida» Sustainable Tourism Bonds Just Announced

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica, Aug. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — By now, your broker, IFA, portfolio manager or family office will…

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica, Aug. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — By now, your broker, IFA, portfolio manager or family office will have discussed sustainable investments with you, along with the motivations behind them. Not only do they fulfil fiduciary duties, they are likely to provide important environmental benefits. We are now moving from the idea of sustainable investing to a reality that has implications for all investment portfolios.  Costa Rica Tourism Bonds has just tapped into this mega trend making this new investment available.

Costa Rica Tourism Bonds announced the release of the first of several Sustainable Lifestyle Tourism Bonds in the country that blends a socially responsible investment with lifestyle rewards for a lifetime.  These bonds provide benefits such as vacation stays and access to permanent residency offering a balance between a sustainable lifestyle and steady returns in some of Costa Rica’s finest luxury resorts and developing enterprises. The purpose of these bonds is to build memories and reinforce relationships that last a lifetime while establishing long term value in a diversified portfolio.  Invest where you play with the value being your annual return (which in most cases has an internal rate of return of 10% +) plus the added advantage of the vacation you can get! 

Sustainable, responsible and impact investing (SRI) is an investment discipline that considers environmental, social and corporate governance criteria to generate long-term competitive financial returns and positive societal impact. According to Morningstar, 72% of U.S. investors have expressed interest in sustainable investing, and that number is on the rise.

«From January through November 2020, investors in mutual funds and ETFs invested $288 billion globally in sustainable assets, a 96% increase over the whole of 2019.  I believe that this is the beginning of a long but rapidly accelerating transition – one that will unfold over many years and reshape asset prices of every type,»  Larry Fink, Blackrock Chairman and CEO

The world is changing and sustainability is here to stay as more and more investors are choosing to tilt their investments toward this trend.  It’s moving from a niche category to one that will define investing for future years. This change has been coming for a while now, and it’s as assured as deaths and taxes. 

«Sustainable investing provides a new, more comprehensive standard for investing that can potentially provide better outcomes for investors over the long-term,»  Richard Bexon Costa Rica Tourism Bonds

Whatever lifestyle change you may be contemplating, consider an investment with twofold results: a product that blends a lifestyle with an investment while helping sustainability grow successful tourism projects. 

Don’t want to miss out on this investment opportunity?  Qualified investors are invited to participate in Costa Rica Tourism Bonds’ first round with a limited number of available bonds. For more details or to request a prospectus please visit www.tourismbonds.com

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