Transitional Council Promises to Restore Security in Haiti

Transitional Council Promises to Restore Security in Haiti

Haiti’s Transitional Presidential Council promised to restore security in the country in reaction to the latest attack by armed gangs on the police station in the city of Gressier, south of the capital.

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According to a Council statement, «the problem of insecurity will be solved (…). In the not too distant future the bandits will cease to dominate our bodies, our homes, our neighborhoods, our cities and the country», guaranteed the Presidential Council, calling everyone to work together in the battle against insecurity in the country.

Assuring that it is evident that panic is beginning to reign among the gangs, the Presidential Council affirmed that things are no longer the same, stressing that the only option for bandits is to lay down their arms and surrender to the police.

He pointed out that «the greatest urgency at the moment is to end banditry in the country and, therefore, insecurity. Citizens cannot wait any longer. It is our responsibility to ensure the safety of all those living in the country,» the document states.

Communiqué du Conseil Présidentiel sur les actions criminelles des groupes armés survenues le samedi 11 mai 2024 à Gressier.

— Conseil Présidentiel de Transition Haïti (@cpthaiti)
May 14, 2024

 The text reads, 

Press release from the Presidential Council on the criminal actions of armed groups that occurred on Saturday May 11, 2024 in Gressier.

This statement comes a day after the Haitian National Police and local authorities announced that the situation had returned to control in the municipality of Gressier, which had been the target of an armed attack a few hours earlier.

On the night of Friday to Saturday, heavily armed bandits invaded the area of Gressier, south of the capital, set fire to the police substation and vandalized the home of a local police officer.

On Tuesday it was reported that the Haitian National Police reported that it regained control of the Gressier police station, the police station is located in the town of Gressier, south of Port-au-Prince, and several videos showed civilians armed with assault rifles inside the building and burning vehicles in the parking lot.

In the face of people who allow themselves to be manipulated by armed gangs to demonstrate against the arrival of the multinational force, the Presidential Transitional Council encourages the population not to be caught by distractions, the provocations and confusion created by the armed gangs, added the Haitian leadership.

«The place of a criminal is in prison,» the Council said in that note signed by its president, Edgard Leblanc Fils.

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